Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    New Industrial Park in Dharmapuri to Boost Job Opportunities

    The government of Tamil Nadu is taking steps to set up the first industrial park in Dharmapuri, one of the most backward districts in the state. The park, which is expected to increase job opportunities for educated youth in the area, has received Terms of Reference (ToR) to obtain environmental clearance from an expert appraisal committee of the Union Environment Ministry. The industrial park will cover a total area of 698 hectares and will be located in the villages of Adhagapadi, Adhiyamankottai, Thadangam, and Balajangamanahalli.

    The selected site for the park was chosen based on criteria issued by the Union Environment Ministry and its proximity to EV car and scooter manufacturing units in Bargur and Hosur. It is expected to attract industries involved in the production of electric vehicle (EV) products such as battery compounds and other parts, as well as metallurgical processing for EV/automobile manufacturing, electrical, and electronics industries.

    The other potential sites assessed for the project, Nallamapalli and Settihalli, had limited land availability and more fertile agricultural land. In contrast, the chosen site consists of 69% poramboke land and 31% dry patta land, ensuring minimal impact on agricultural activities. Additionally, the industrial units within the park will be required to implement a zero liquid discharge system to minimize their environmental impact.

    The establishment of this industrial park has been a long-awaited development for the people of Dharmapuri, a district heavily dependent on agriculture for livelihood. With no existing industries in the area, the new park is expected to bring economic growth and employment opportunities to the region. The project has been in the pipeline since 2009, and its realization is a positive step towards the development and diversification of Dharmapuri’s economy.


    1. Express News Service


    • SIPCOT – State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu
    • EV – Electric Vehicle

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