Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Cartoon Forum 2021 Welcomes New Players in the Animation Industry

    The 2021 Cartoon Forum co-production pitch session is set to take place from September 18 to 21 in Toulouse, France. This year’s event will see a boost in attendance, with 290 buyers, including nearly 20 first-time participants, joining the forum. Apart from the traditional lineup of commissioners, producers, and broadcasters, there will also be a representation of publishers and niche streamers looking for fresh intellectual property.

    The addition of these new participants is intended to usher in a new generation in the animation industry. Annick Maes, the director of Cartoon Media, states that the inclusion of companies that have never attended Cartoon Forum before will bring an interesting dynamic to the event, opening up possibilities for unique pitching styles and innovative content development. For instance, Ubisoft Film and Television, a subsidiary of the gaming powerhouse, will be presenting their original creation “Starpets,” a 3D space comedy targeting a young adult audience.

    Cartoon Forum is witnessing a trend where individuals from various sectors are transitioning into animation to share their stories. The inclusion of documentary producers in this year’s lineup, such as Sophie Nivelle-Cardinale with “Grandpa & Grandma Made the Revolution” and the creators of “The Forgotten Women of the Père Lachaise” based on a popular Instagram account, adds depth and diversity to the forum.

    This edition of Cartoon Forum showcases 76 animated projects, with a majority of them aimed at children. However, there is a noticeable increase in offerings targeting young adults, while pre-school content has decreased compared to previous years. Notably, French studios are involved in 32 of the selected projects, but there is a growing presence from the Irish, Belgian, Nordic, and Ukrainian industries, with several projects being presented.

    Expanding the scope of Cartoon Forum is an ongoing process to reflect the evolving animation landscape. Nevertheless, it remains the leading platform for co-production and serves as a window to the future, showcasing what the industry has in store.

    – Variety