Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Hydro-Québec Receives 16 Bids for Purchase of 1,500 MW of Wind Power

    Hydro-Québec recently announced that it has received a total of 16 bids for the purchase of a block of 1,500 MW of wind power. This call for tenders, launched on March 31, 2023, attracted significant interest from various companies in the energy sector. In total, the bids received amounted to 3,034 MW.

    Over the next few months, Hydro-Québec will evaluate these bids and subsequently announce the results of the call for tenders. Once the contracts are signed, they will need to be approved by the Régie de l’énergie, the energy regulatory body in Quebec. The proponents of the bids will also be responsible for obtaining the necessary authorizations and permits.

    The delivery of electricity from the successful bidders is expected to commence no later than December 1, 2027, December 1, 2028, or December 1, 2029. However, areas that have not been filled by winning bids may still be considered for future electricity supply initiatives.

    Throughout the tendering process, Hydro-Québec has collaborated with Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton to ensure the proper application of the process, evaluation of bids, and the awarding of power purchase agreements.

    For more information on the bids received and the ongoing process, interested parties can visit Hydro-Québec’s website.

    – Wind Power: Power generated from the movement of wind through wind turbines, which convert it into electricity.
    – Call for Tenders: A process through which a party, usually a buyer, invites bids for the supply of goods or services.
    – Régie de l’énergie: The energy regulatory body in Quebec, responsible for ensuring the fair and efficient operation of the energy market.

    Hydro-Québec (source)