Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Calipari and Beshear Discuss Resilience and Overcoming Disasters

    University of Kentucky men’s basketball head coach John Calipari and Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear spoke at the Appalachian Regional Commission’s annual conference about the importance of resilience and overcoming disasters. The conference, titled “Appalachia Rises: Resilience, Strength & Transformation,” brought together government and economic development officials from a 13-state region.

    Calipari, who grew up in Pennsylvania with family ties to West Virginia, spoke about the resiliency he witnessed in his upbringing, his players, and the people of Kentucky. He emphasized his parents’ teachings about the value of hard work and giving back, which influenced his efforts to support relief efforts in Kentucky.

    Beshear, who was chosen as the ARC states’ co-chair, discussed the impact of the devastating tornadoes in Western Kentucky and floods in Eastern Kentucky. Both Calipari and Beshear praised the resilience of the people affected by these disasters and highlighted the importance of supporting them in the recovery process.

    The conversation also touched on the topic of generational poverty, which Calipari has witnessed among his players who go on to have NBA careers. Beshear noted that ARC efforts also focus on addressing poverty in the region and lifting up the communities that have been affected by economic changes.

    The ARC, a federal organization representing 13 states, has been supporting economic development initiatives and public works projects since 1965. During the conference, ARC grant awards were presented to Kentucky organizations and communities.

    Looking ahead, Beshear expressed optimism about the future of Eastern Kentucky, particularly the region around Ashland, where the conference was held. He mentioned plans for economic development projects on industrial brownfield sites and his commitment to rebuilding the region in the aftermath of the flooding.

    In addition to the discussion between Calipari and Beshear, ARC Federal Co-Chair Gayle Manchin highlighted the efforts of Appalachian states to overcome challenges such as the decline in the coal industry and the opioid crisis. She emphasized the importance of collaboration among member states to bring about transformative change in the Appalachian region.

    Overall, the conference provided a platform for leaders to share ideas and explore strategies for fostering resilience, strength, and transformation in Appalachia.

    – Kentucky Lantern (source article)