Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Gas Leak Prompts Shelter-in-Place Order in El Cerrito and Kensington

    Parts of El Cerrito and Kensington were placed under a shelter-in-place order on September 19, 2023, following a gas leak incident. The authorities issued the order due to a gas main break in the residential neighborhood near Cambridge Avenue and Yale Avenue, close to Summit Reservoir.

    To ensure the safety of residents, the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office advised people to stay indoors and close all windows and doors. They also emphasized the importance of only calling 911 in life-threatening emergencies. The areas affected by the shelter-in-place order included Highland Boulevard, Kensington Park, Arlington Avenue, Grizzly Peak Boulevard, Purdue Avenue, Woodmont Avenue, Wildcat Canyon Road, Kenyon Avenue, Plateau Drive, and Los Altos Drive.

    Local law enforcement, fire crews, and teams from East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) and PG&E quickly responded to the situation. They urged motorists to avoid the affected area to allow for repairs to be carried out safely.

    Residents were instructed to stay indoors until further instructions were provided by the authorities. KTVU continued to monitor the developments of the gas leak incident and promised to provide timely updates as new information became available.

    Gas leaks can pose serious threats to public safety, as they have the potential to lead to fires, explosions, and health hazards. It is crucial for authorities to take immediate action to control the situation and ensure the well-being of residents.

    – KTVU FOX 2