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Revolutionizing Fuel Cell Technology: Bramble Energy’s Paradigm-Shifting Innovations

Bramble Energy, a pioneering company in the field of fuel cell technology, is proud to unveil its latest whitepaper, showcasing the groundbreaking system advantages of its patented Printed Circuit board Fuel Cell (PCBFC™) technology. This innovative approach not only revolutionizes the cost-effectiveness of hydrogen fuel cell design but also simplifies system architectures, marking a paradigm shift in the industry.

Fueling a greener future, Bramble Energy specializes in the development of PCBFC™ stacks that surpass the limitations of conventional fuel cell technology. These engineered stacks offer a scalable and low-cost fuel cell solution with a remarkable stack cost of just $60/kW. This breakthrough is poised to transform various sectors by making fuel cell technology more affordable and accessible.

One of the key advantages of Bramble Energy’s PCBFC™ technology lies in its ability to streamline system builds and component choices. By customizing the current and voltage output of the stack, the need for a power conversion unit can be eliminated or significantly reduced, reducing mass, volume, and complexity. This level of customization empowers integrators to tailor the fuel cell technology precisely to their application’s requirements while optimizing cost efficiency.

Moreover, Bramble Energy’s PCBFC™ eliminates the need for a deionized cooling water loop and complex deionizers, replacing them with a simple water glycol mix coolant. This not only reduces maintenance and capital expenditure costs but also simplifies the overall system, making it lighter, more compact, and cost-effective. The removal of surface protection from the stack, made possible by a non-conductive outer surface, allows for tighter packaging and enhances power density and safety.

Vidal Bharath, Chief Commercial Officer of Bramble Energy, emphasizes the company’s commitment to simplicity and affordability, stating, “Our goal is to empower the hydrogen economy, whatever the application. A low-cost stack means little without a low-cost system to run it.” By providing fuel cell stacks that simplify system integration and using cost-effective stack technology, Bramble Energy is paving the way for the simplest, most economical system architecture.

Bramble Energy’s PCBFC™ technology is a scalable and cost-effective solution that is applicable across various sectors, such as transportation and energy storage. Leveraging revolutionary materials and manufacturing methods from the PCB industry, this fuel cell technology can be manufactured globally, at scale, without expensive tooling and manufacturing costs. With the potential to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy source, Bramble Energy is driving the global transition toward a sustainable future.


What is PCBFC™ technology?

PCBFC™ stands for Printed Circuit board Fuel Cell. It is an innovative fuel cell technology developed by Bramble Energy that overcomes the limitations of conventional fuel cell technology.

What are the advantages of PCBFC™ technology?

PCBFC™ technology offers a significant leap forward in cost-effectiveness for hydrogen fuel cell design. It simplifies system architectures, reduces mass, volume, and complexity, and enables customization of current and voltage outputs. It also eliminates the need for deionized cooling water loops and complex deionizers.

How does Bramble Energy’s PCBFC™ technology contribute to a sustainable future?

Bramble Energy’s PCBFC™ technology provides a low-cost, scalable, and environmentally friendly solution for various sectors. By accelerating the adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy source, it contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.