Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    BMO Donates $3 Million to GRID Alternatives for Renewable Energy Programs

    BMO Financial Group has announced a $3 million donation to support GRID Alternative’s initiatives in providing low-to-no cost solar energy systems, clean mobility, and job training programs to underserved and unserved families in California, Colorado, and Native communities in the western United States. GRID Alternative is a nonprofit solar installer that works with organizations to promote renewable energy access.

    This partnership aims to address the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities while promoting sustainable development. Melissa Fifield, Head of BMO Climate Institute, emphasizes the importance of supporting these communities through investments in climate resilience and economic well-being. The funding from BMO will enable GRID to install solar systems for 1,200 families, provide 250 battery-powered systems, and establish 1,400 charging stations over the next three years.

    The installations are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 145,000 tons per year and transition participants’ energy consumption to 70-80% solar. Furthermore, BMO’s support will help GRID deepen its impact in Native communities by facilitating workforce development programming and solar installation training.

    Erica Mackie, CEO of GRID Alternatives, expresses gratitude for the partnership and emphasizes the importance of ensuring historically marginalized communities have access to the benefits of renewable energy. BMO employees have already joined GRID in installing solar panels on the homes of underserved families, and additional employee volunteer days are planned throughout the partnership.

    BMO’s Climate Ambition, announced in 2021, reflects its commitment to being a lead partner for clients in the transition to a net-zero world. In addition to supporting client adoption of climate solutions, BMO’s Climate Institute collaborates with GRID to conduct research on economic inequality and identify communities in need of support.

    This donation builds on Bank of the West’s longstanding partnership with GRID and aligns with BMO’s community benefits plan, which exceeds $40 billion. By supporting GRID Alternatives, BMO aims to drive economic growth and environmental benefits in communities impacted by underemployment, pollution, and climate change.

    In conclusion, BMO’s donation to GRID Alternatives will empower underserved and unserved families to access renewable energy and benefit from job training programs. This collaboration contributes to BMO’s vision of a sustainable future and its commitment to growing the good in business and life.

    – BMO Financial Group