Benjamin Mendy Files Lawsuit Against Manchester City for Unpaid Wages

Benjamin Mendy, the former Manchester City defender, has recently filed a substantial claim against the club over unpaid wages. Mendy’s legal representatives have submitted the claim to the Employment Tribunal, asserting that he experienced “unauthorised deductions from wages.” The charges stem from Mendy’s 2021 accusations of rape and sexual assault. However, in July, the player was found not guilty after a retrial at Chester Crown Court.

Mendy’s claim seeks the recovery of wages owed to him from the beginning of his contract until its conclusion in June 2023. His legal counsel, Nick De Marco KC, confirmed his representation of Mendy and the filing of the claim. De Marco stated, “Benjamin Mendy is launching a multi-million-pound claim against Manchester City for unauthorised deductions from wages.”

Manchester City Football Club has not provided any comment regarding the matter when reached by Sky Sports News. The claim will now proceed to an Employment Tribunal, where it will be examined.

Mendy, who became the most expensive defender in Premier League history when Manchester City acquired him from Monaco for £52 million in 2017, enjoyed success during his tenure at the club. He contributed to the team’s three league titles and was part of France’s triumphant squad in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Since August 2021, Mendy has not represented Manchester City on the field. He currently plays for Lorient in Ligue 1.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Benjamin Mendy claiming against Manchester City?

Benjamin Mendy has filed a claim with the Employment Tribunal against Manchester City for unpaid wages, citing “unauthorised deductions from wages.”

When was Benjamin Mendy found not guilty?

Benjamin Mendy was found not guilty in July after a retrial at Chester Crown Court regarding accusations of rape and sexual assault.

What does the claim seek to recover?

The claim aims to recover the wages owed to Benjamin Mendy from the start of his contract with Manchester City until its conclusion in June 2023.

What is the response from Manchester City?

Manchester City has not issued a comment regarding Benjamin Mendy’s claim for unpaid wages.

Which club does Benjamin Mendy currently play for?

Benjamin Mendy now plays for Lorient in Ligue 1 after leaving Manchester City in August 2021.

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