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Honoring Fallen Police Officers: A Time-Honored Tradition Enters 21st Year

A cherished annual event in mid-Michigan is preparing for its 21st year of paying tribute to fallen police officers and their families. Project Blue Light, a solemn ceremony that commemorates the sacrifice of law enforcement officers, will be held at First Presbyterian Church in Bay City on Wednesday, December 6. The event, organized by the Bay-Arenac Career Center and Saginaw Career Complex law enforcement classes, aims to provide support and solace to the families of fallen officers.

During the hour-long ceremony, multiple speakers will share poignant stories and honor the bravery and dedication of the fallen officers. This event holds immense significance for both the law enforcement community and the families it serves, offering them a powerful sense of love and solidarity. Duane Bean, an instructor at the Bay-Arenac Career Center, emphasized the positive impact of the event, stating, “They look forward to this event every year because it gives them positive reinforcement in being loved by the law enforcement community.”

To ensure deserving department and family members are appropriately honored, organizers are requesting RSVPs to reserve a wreath. This small yet meaningful gesture aims to acknowledge the sacrifice made by these brave men and women. In recognition of their outstanding volunteer work, the Bay-Arenac Career Center law enforcement class will be presented with an award for their coordination of the annual ceremony at the MI-C.O.P.S. winter banquet.

While the event is free and open to the public, it fosters an atmosphere of support and unity. By attending Project Blue Light, community members can contribute to a collective show of gratitude and remembrance for those who have given their lives in the line of duty. Past ceremonies have been recorded and uploaded to the Bay County, Michigan YouTube channel, providing a lasting tribute and allowing a wider audience to participate in honoring these fallen heroes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who organizes the Project Blue Light ceremony?

The ceremony is organized by the Bay-Arenac Career Center and Saginaw Career Complex law enforcement classes.

2. When and where will the ceremony take place?

The ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, December 6, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church, located at 805 Center Ave. in Bay City.

3. How can department and family members be honored at the event?

Department and family members who will be honored are requested to RSVP to event organizer Duane Bean at [email protected] to reserve a wreath.

4. Is the event open to the public?

Yes, Project Blue Light is free and open to the public, providing an opportunity for the community to show their support and respect for fallen police officers and their families.

5. Where can I find recordings of past ceremonies?

Recordings of past ceremonies can be found on the Bay County, Michigan YouTube channel, allowing wider access to the meaningful tribute.