Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Quebec-based Company Proposes Battery Energy Storage System in Oxford County

    Quebec-based renewable energy company, Boralex Inc., has submitted a proposal to construct a battery energy storage system in Oxford County near Woodstock. The project, known as the Oxford battery energy storage project, aims to be fully operational by 2028. The facility will be located in the Township of South-West Oxford and will serve both Woodstock businesses and residences due to its close proximity to the city.

    Battery storage systems play a crucial role in stabilizing energy grids by charging when there is excess energy and discharging during peak demand. Darren Suarez, Boralex’s Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications in North America, explained that the proposed system would help manage the electric grid when there is an abundance of energy. The batteries can be charged during these times and discharged to match the needs of the grid when necessary.

    The South-West Oxford region was chosen as an ideal location for the project due to its grid needs and potential to enhance grid stability. While an estimated cost has not been provided, the construction phase of the facility is expected to generate approximately 75 jobs, with only one or two employees required for ongoing maintenance.

    Approval from the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is required before the project can proceed. Once approved, the project will connect to an existing Hydro One transmission line north of the proposed site. The project has been presented to the South-West Oxford council, and further reviews by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry are also anticipated.

    Concerns have been raised regarding the potential environmental impact of the facility, particularly any risks to the aquifer in the area. However, an open house held to inform residents about the project received positive feedback, with many expressing support for the project’s location.

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