Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Volvo Trucks Delivers First FL Electric Truck with Second Generation Battery Packs to DHL Australia

    Volvo Trucks has recently delivered its first FL Electric truck equipped with the second generation battery packs to DHL, a leading logistics company in Australia. Although the new battery packs with a capacity of around 94kWh have yet to arrive in Australia, DHL received the first FL Electric fitted with the second generation 66kWh battery packs.

    The Volvo FL Electric truck will be stationed at DHL Supply Chain’s western Sydney supply chain campus. It features a 600V motor and four 66kWh battery packs, providing a total capacity of 264kWh. With a two-speed transmission and a payload capacity of 5,500 kilograms, the FL Electric has an electric range of approximately 300 kilometers, making it suitable for servicing various metropolitan DHL Supply Chain customers.

    Not only does the FL Electric offer practicality and efficiency, but it also promotes sustainability. The truck is equipped with regenerative braking, and its tautliner van body can carry up to eight full-sized pallets. This delivery truck demonstrates DHL Australia’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and its proactive approach to combatting climate change. Steve Thompsett, CEO of DHL Supply Chain, expressed the company’s priority in transitioning to zero emissions vehicles and its dedication to reducing its environmental impact across all operations.

    DHL’s previous experience with Volvo’s electric truck offerings in Europe enabled them to skip the trial phase and invest directly in these climate-benefitting vehicles. The implementation of Volvo’s FL Electric trucks aligns with DHL Australia’s sustainability goals and serves as a positive step towards a clean energy transportation future.

    – Joshua S. Hill, Melbourne-based journalist covering climate change, clean technology, and electric vehicles for over 15 years.

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