Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Choosing Between Gummy Bears and Energy Chews for Endurance Fuel

    Gummy bears have long been a popular choice among athletes as an affordable and sugar-rich fuel for prolonged activities. However, with the introduction of sport-formulated gummy options like Clif Bloks and Honey Stinger Chews, it begs the question of whether there is a significant difference in their performance. A head-to-head test was conducted to compare the two options.

    During the test, gummy bears were consumed during a mountain run. Albanese Gummi Bears were noted for their soft and chewy texture, while Haribo Goldbears required more effort to chew. Both options left a slimy feeling on the teeth, typical of sugary foods. Additionally, consuming a large amount of gummy bears resulted in a slightly jittery feeling.

    On a separate occasion, energy chews were taken on a rugged run. Salted Watermelon Clif Bloks and Pink Lemonade Honey Stinger Energy Chews were chosen for comparison. These options did not leave a sugary coating on the teeth and did not cause any jitters. The ingredients of both energy chews include feel-good sugars such as organic tapioca syrup, organic sugar, and organic honey.

    One notable difference between gummy bears and energy chews is the electrolyte content. Energy chews provide a substantial amount of electrolytes, such as sodium, which helps maintain balance during strenuous activities. Additionally, the sugar content of energy chews did not have the same jittery effect as the sugar in gummy bears.

    Honey Stinger chews also offer added benefits, such as 70% of the recommended dietary allowance of Vitamin C and caffeine for sustained energy. Clif Bloks contain potassium, another beneficial electrolyte.

    While gummy bears may have an advantage in terms of cost and availability, energy chews offer a more balanced and performance-enhancing option. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference and specific dietary needs.

    – Lisa Jhung (source article)