Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Discovering the Hidden Signs of Substance Abuse in Teen Bedrooms

    The Addiction Resource Council is organizing a 90-minute wake-up call presentation called “Wake Up Call,” scheduled for October 18 at Coal City High School Performing Arts Center. This event aims to educate parents and adults who have an influential role in the lives of youth about the hidden signs of substance abuse in teen bedrooms. The presentation will cover current drug trends, provide a walkthrough of a teen bedroom with over 20 red flags indicating substance abuse, and equip parents with practical information to keep their children drug-free.

    In today’s world, it is not always easy for parents to identify signs of substance abuse in their teens. Many seemingly innocent items could be an indication of a deeper issue. The “Wake Up Call” presentation will shed light on these hidden signs and increase awareness among parents and influential adults.

    During the presentation, participants will be exposed to the latest drug trends. A walkthrough of a teen bedroom will be conducted, highlighting over 20 red flags that could indicate substance abuse. This interactive experience will help parents understand the signs they should be vigilant about.

    The main objective of the “Wake Up Call” presentation is to equip parents and adults with practical information to effectively prevent substance abuse in their children. By identifying the hidden signs and being proactive, parents can create a drug-free environment for their loved ones.

    Parents and adults have a vital role to play in the lives of youth. With the right knowledge and awareness, they can guide their children towards making healthier choices. Increased understanding of the hidden signs of substance abuse will enable parents to recognize potential issues early on and seek help for their children.

    – Addiction Resource Council
    – Coal City High School Performing Arts Center