Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    3DCeram Sinto Automates Ceramic 3D Printing for Industrial Applications

    Limoges-based ceramics 3D printing OEM and process provider, 3DCeram Sinto, is revolutionizing the additive manufacturing process for technical ceramics and the production of green hydrogen. The company is focused on automation and digitization to achieve better, faster, and cheaper production. CEO Richard Gaignon stated that 3D printing is now being viewed as a production tool rather than just a prototyping tool.

    3DCeram Sinto offers a range of 3D printers, including the C3600 ULTIMATE and the new C1000 FLEXMATIC, both of which can be incorporated into automated production lines. By combining ceramic additive manufacturing with Sinto Group’s expertise in automation, the company is able to implement fully automated production lines, reducing the need for direct human intervention.

    In order to successfully industrialize the additive manufacturing process, 3DCeram highlights several prerequisites. Efficiency and productivity are key, with production processes needing to be significantly more efficient than existing methods. The ability to create products with improved geometries is also essential, especially for components that need to be manufactured as a single piece. Stereolithography is seen as a significant asset due to its top-down construction process, which reduces the need for supports and facilitates a faster production process.

    Quality, reliability, adaptability, and ease of integration are also important factors for industrialization. 3DCeram has developed software plugins and a new version of its machine software to address these needs. Training is also crucial for adopting 3D printing in industrial applications, and 3DCeram provides comprehensive training programs to ensure proficiency and autonomy for its industrial clients.

    Through its expertise in ceramics 3D printing and automation, 3DCeram Sinto now offers fully automated additive manufacturing production lines. The company’s stereolithography technology allows for the automation of 3D printing of technical ceramics, enabling mass production with high efficiency, precision, and process reproducibility. The company’s large build volume 3D printers, such as the C3600 ULTIMATE and C1000 FLEXMATIC, are well-suited for industrial applications and can be equipped with multiple lasers to optimize printing speed.

    Sources: 3DCeram Sinto

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