Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    The United Auto Workers Prepared to Escalate Standup Strikes Amid Lack of Progress in Talks with Automakers

    The United Auto Workers (UAW) has warned that it is ready to escalate its standup strike strategy if negotiations with automakers do not make substantial progress. Union President Shawn Fain stated that if Ford, GM, and Stellantis fail to reach a new labor agreement by the end of the week, the UAW will expand its strikes to additional locations. The UAW did not specify which factories or facilities would be affected. Previously, the UAW initiated strikes at GM’s Wentzville Assembly, Stellantis’ Toledo Assembly, and Ford’s Michigan Assembly.

    The automakers have stated that they are willing to negotiate. Stellantis confirmed that it is in talks with the UAW and has offered an immediate 10% pay increase, with wages increasing by 21% over the contract’s duration. The company has also proposed reducing the number of years for union members to earn the highest wage. GM and Ford have not provided public updates on their negotiations.

    The ongoing strike is already having spillover effects on other parts of the auto industry, with component maker CIE Newcor considering laying off nearly 300 employees and other suppliers facing layoffs and idling production. In addition to the implications for the auto industry, political pressure is increasing for President Joe Biden. Democrats in states like Michigan are calling on the president to do more to support unions and the working class. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump plans to hold a rally with autoworkers, adding to the political stakes in this situation.

    While Trump has expressed support for the union workers, he has criticized union leadership. Biden faces a challenging task in handling this strike and demonstrating his support for the working class, especially in the face of Trump’s opposition. The UAW itself has emphasized its commitment to fight for the working class.


    • Yahoo Finance