Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    The United Auto Workers Threaten to Escalate Strike Strategy Amidst Stalled Negotiations

    The United Auto Workers (UAW) is prepared to escalate its “stand up” strike strategy if automakers fail to make substantial progress in labor agreement negotiations. UAW President Shawn Fain announced that if Ford, GM, or Stellantis do not show serious progress by the end of the week, the strike will be expanded to additional locations. The union did not specify which factories or facilities would be affected by the expansion.

    The automakers claim to be ready for negotiations, with Stellantis confirming that it is in talks with the UAW and presenting an improved contract offer. Stellantis has proposed a 10% immediate pay increase, with wages increasing by 21% over the contract’s duration. The company also aims to reduce the number of years for union members to reach the highest wage tier. However, specific details about inflation protection measures were not provided.

    The strike, now in its fifth day, is beginning to impact other parts of the auto industry. Component maker CIE Newcor may have to lay off nearly 300 people, and German auto giant ZF has already initiated layoffs in Michigan. US Steel is also idling one of its furnaces at a steel plant in Illinois as part of a risk mitigation plan.

    As the strike continues, political pressure mounts for President Joe Biden. Democrats in Michigan are urging the president to do more to support his base in the swing state, especially as former President Donald Trump plans to rally with autoworkers. President Biden can take the opportunity to show support for unions and the working class, but joining the picket line may be a step too far.

    While Trump has voiced his support for union workers, he criticizes union leadership and opposes Biden’s push for electric vehicles (EVs), claiming it limits choices for Americans. Despite some concerns with Biden’s EV initiatives, UAW President Fain does not endorse Trump, emphasizing the union’s fight against the billionaire class and an economy that benefits the wealthy at the expense of workers.

    Source: Yahoo Finance