Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Senator Tim Scott Calls Reagan’s Actions Against Striking Federal Workers a “Great Example”

    Sen. Tim Scott, during a campaign event in Fort Dodge, Iowa, praised former President Ronald Reagan for his handling of a strike by federal workers in the 1980s. When asked about the ongoing United Auto Workers (UAW) strike, Scott stated that Reagan “gave us a great example” by firing striking federal employees.

    Scott’s comments about the UAW strike have been critical, in contrast to other Republican presidential candidates who have refrained from direct criticism. When asked if he would insert himself into the labor talks as president, Scott responded by referring to Reagan’s response to striking federal workers. He suggested that they should be fired if they go on strike, a stance he believes in strongly.

    Campaign spokesperson Matt Gorman declined to comment on why Scott referenced firing federal workers in response to the UAW strike. However, he stated that Scott has consistently made it clear that taxpayers should not subsidize any deal between the UAW and auto companies.

    Scott’s criticism extends beyond the UAW strike to President Joe Biden, whom he accuses of being influenced by unions. He stated, “I’m not sure if the words are bought and paid for, but certainly he has been leased by the unions.” Scott has made unions, particularly teachers unions, a central focus of his campaign, but his critique has now expanded to include the UAW.

    During a recent policy roundtable event in South Carolina, Scott criticized the UAW’s demands as they negotiated their contract with major automakers. He claimed they were seeking more benefits, fewer working hours, more pay, and fewer working days, which, according to Scott, creates a disconnection from work and hinders the ability to encourage people to return to work.

    While some Republican presidential candidates have been critical of UAW President Shawn Fain, they have generally taken a more sympathetic tone towards auto workers as a whole. Former President Donald Trump, in particular, has expressed concern about the status of auto workers’ jobs, especially in the face of the rise of electric vehicles and potential outsourcing to China.

    In contrast, when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum were asked about the UAW strike, they focused on different aspects. DeSantis highlighted Biden’s push for electric vehicles, which he believes is detrimental to the automobile industry as a whole, while Burgum emphasized the potential threat to American transportation if the industry becomes dependent on China.

    Scott’s comments on Reagan’s response to striking federal workers reveal his perspective on labor disputes, but they also demonstrate the critical stance he has taken towards the UAW strike and unions more broadly. As the Republican Party seeks to include more blue-collar workers, these comments represent some of the strongest criticism of the UAW among GOP presidential candidates.

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