Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Why Renting an Electric Vehicle Might Be Perfect for Your Next Road Trip

    If you’ve been considering driving an electric vehicle (EV) but are unsure if you’re ready to take the plunge and buy one, renting an EV for your next vacation might be the perfect solution. Rental car companies like Hertz are committing to making a quarter of their fleet electric by 2024, offering customers the opportunity to choose from models by General Motors, Polestar, and Tesla. Executive Vice President Laura Smith of Hertz assures first-time EV drivers that they should not feel intimidated in making the switch, as the company’s online hub provides informative videos and resources about these vehicles.

    In addition to being environmentally friendly, EVs often offer impressive performance and features. Jonathan Levy, Chief Commercial Officer of EVgo, operator of a nationwide network of 900 chargers, points out that EVs provide amazing acceleration and a smooth, quiet ride compared to traditional internal-combustion cars.

    For those who prefer peer-to-peer car-sharing platforms, Turo offers a wide selection of EVs for rent, with over 22,000 electric autos available on their platform by the end of last year. Additionally, Zevo, a newly launched EVs-only listing site, caters to the growing demand for electric vehicles. The CEO and founder of Zevo, Hebron Sher, highlights the fact that nine out of ten vehicle manufacturers have committed to eventually going all-electric, making it clear that EVs are the future.

    One common concern for renters and owners alike is “range anxiety” – the fear of running out of power while on the road. However, specialized apps like EVgo’s help drivers identify charging stations along their route, easing worries about finding a place to recharge.

    Hotels are not only excellent charging stops for EVs but can also serve as a valuable resource. Iconic Luxury Hotels, for example, offers charging stations at three of its five properties in the U.K. Andrew Stembridge, the Executive Director, notes that the usage of their charging stations has significantly increased in recent years, reflecting the rising popularity of EVs. Stembridge recommends utilizing the knowledge of hotel concierges, who often have extensive information about charging points across the country.

    Renting an EV for your next road trip allows you to experience the benefits of electric vehicles firsthand, without the commitment of ownership. With the growing availability of rental options and the support of various rental companies, trying an EV has never been more accessible or convenient.

    Source: Travel & Leisure