Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    The UAW Strike Is Biden’s Chance to Align with Workers

    Since taking office, President Joe Biden has positioned himself as the most pro-union president in American history. The United Auto Workers’ (UAW) decision to strike against the “Big Three” automakers gives him the opportunity to fulfill his rhetoric and demonstrate his commitment to workers.

    In contrast to the free-market economic policies that have prevailed since the Reagan era, Biden has made his domestic economic agenda a rejection of Reaganomics. He sees it as a failed approach that has neglected the middle class. How Biden handles the UAW strike will be instrumental in determining the success of his policy agenda.

    During Ronald Reagan’s presidency, his decision to fire the striking air traffic controllers and dissolve their union sent a clear message that his administration would prioritize management over labor. It was a defining moment that shaped the Reagan presidency. Now, Biden has a chance to act in the opposite manner and show his support for workers by pressuring the Big Three automakers to meet the UAW’s demands.

    The UAW strike is crucial for Biden politically as well. It has the potential to divide his political coalition. The Inflation Reduction Act, a significant accomplishment for the Democratic Party, includes subsidies for the transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles (EVs). However, the shift to EVs poses a threat to traditional auto industry jobs, as these vehicles require fewer workers and often fall outside of the UAW’s master contract. Biden must navigate these challenges to maintain the support of both the labor movement and climate activists.

    Biden stands to gain or lose a lot based on his response to the UAW strike. With the UAW’s endorsement for his reelection bid still undecided, he faces pressure from Republicans, including Donald Trump, who seek to exploit the divide between auto workers and climate activists. Trump’s planned visit to Detroit threatens to undermine Biden’s stance on climate policies and further push the narrative that these policies jeopardize jobs.

    While the UAW leader, Shawn Fain, has not requested Biden’s personal appearance on the picket line, Biden can still use his administration’s policies to ensure a fair transition for workers in the EV industry. By advocating for record contracts that reflect the record profits of companies and prioritizing union jobs in the EV sector, Biden can align his rhetoric with meaningful action.

    To protect the coalition of climate hawks and labor unions and uphold the Democratic Party’s historical support for workers, Biden must take decisive steps to support the UAW in its fight for fair treatment and representation.

    The Washington Post – Title: UAW could be fulfilled by a Biden Dealing With Recent Strike