Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Tesla Introduces New Functionality to Mobile App for Wall Connector

    Tesla is reportedly working on adding new features to its mobile app for managing its Wall Connector home charging equipment. Users will soon be able to control various features of the Wall Connector, including charging schedules and data about other home energy products, through the Tesla app. The company has already created a web page on its website to instruct users on how to connect to the Wall Connector and highlight some of the features that will be accessible through the mobile app.

    Tesla’s third-generation Wall Connectors are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, although they have primarily been used for destination charging rather than home charging. While the Wall Connector settings are not yet available for all users, it is suggested that the updated functionality may only be available in certain markets or on specific platforms. However, it is anticipated that these features will be added to the app in all major markets in the near future.

    To register a Wall Connector, users need to follow the instructions provided on the Tesla app. The app prompts users to scan the Wall Connector QR code and join the device’s Wi-Fi network during the registration process. Once connected to the home Wi-Fi network, users can easily monitor the real-time charging status and access the latest software updates for their Wall Connector through the Tesla app.

    Additionally, the mobile app offers three main benefits for Wall Connector users. It allows them to set up a charging schedule, view their charging history, and monitor their home’s overall Tesla energy ecosystem. Interestingly, the app can be used to control a Wall Connector even if the user owns a non-Tesla electric vehicle (EV).

    Tesla recently released an updated Universal Wall Connector option that includes an integrated J1772 plug, enabling it to charge EVs from other automakers. The regular Wall Connector is available for $475, while the Universal Wall Connector is priced at $595.

    Overall, Tesla’s new integration of Wall Connector controls into its mobile app provides enhanced convenience and functionality for its users.

    Source: Tesla Inc. (no URLs provided)