Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Southern California “Tesla Road Rage Guy” Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

    ABC 7 reports that Nathaniel Walter Radimak, also known as the “Tesla Road Rage Guy,” has been sentenced to five years in prison for a series of road rage attacks in Southern California. Radimak targeted at least 10 individuals, primarily women, in late 2022. His criminal history spans over two decades and eight states.

    One victim, who wished to remain anonymous, recounted her encounter with Radimak on the 101 freeway. In November 2022, Radimak abruptly stopped in front of her car and began hitting her. Dashcam footage of the incident played a crucial role in his conviction. Other victims shared their own experiences and expressed concern for their safety even after his arrest.

    While some believe that five years in prison is insufficient, the victims have formed a support group chat where they provide mutual support and receive updates on Radimak’s case. Radimak is currently detained at LA County’s Men Central Jail in Downtown LA.

    Source: LA’s ABC 7

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