Thu. Oct 5th, 2023
    Tesla Mystery: Model Y Standard Range AWD Disappears from Website

    Tesla’s website no longer offers the least expensive trim of the Model Y, the Standard Range AWD. The car was introduced to the configurator just a few months ago in April. Currently, there are two variants available for the Model Y, namely the Long Range and the Performance. The omission of the Standard Range AWD has left many speculating about the reasons behind it.

    One popular theory suggests that the discontinuation of the Standard Range AWD is related to batteries and production capacity. This particular trim was built at Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory and was the only one to use Tesla’s 4680 battery cells. With the Cybertruck scheduled to go into production at the same facility, some believe that Tesla wants to allocate more resources to the popular truck.

    There are two intriguing aspects related to this theory. Firstly, a Tesla powertrain VP has stated that the Cybertruck will use the 4680 cells with a new chemistry that enables improved range and efficiency. This could mean that a battery facility changeover is underway. Secondly, despite the progress being made with the Cybertruck prototypes, it is not expected to pose a threat to the Gigafactory’s production capacity.

    Other theories speculate that Tesla may be eliminating the lower-profit trim or trying to create more price differentiation between the Model Y and the Model 3 sedan. However, these are all theories with no official explanation from the automaker.

    This move follows a similar action taken earlier this month with the Model S and Model X, where Tesla dropped the Standard Range versions from the online Design Studio. Both models are currently only available in Dual-Motor AWD or Plaid configurations.

    It is unclear when or if the Model Y Standard Range AWD will make a return. Some believe it could be brought back after scheduled maintenance at the Texas plant, while others think that more information will come to light with the launch of the Cybertruck. In the meantime, those interested in the Standard Range AWD will have to source one from Tesla’s inventory or the used market.

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