Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    German Students Set Record-Breaking Electric Vehicle Range

    A group of German students from the Technical University of Munich has broken the world record for the longest range by an electric vehicle (EV) on a single charge. The students achieved this feat with their self-made prototype vehicle called the muc022, which drove an astonishing 2,573 km (1,599 miles) using only a 15.5 kWh battery.

    To surpass the previous record of 1,608.5 km (999.5 miles), the students focused on two key factors: weight and aerodynamics. The muc022 weighs a mere 375 pounds (170 kg) and boasts an impressive drag coefficient of 0.159, making it extremely efficient in terms of energy consumption. In comparison, popular EVs like the Lucid Air have a drag coefficient of 0.197.

    It’s worth noting that the muc022 achieved this record-breaking range at an average speed of 25.7 km/h (16 mph), which is significantly slower than typical driving speeds. While the achievement highlights the potential of EVs, the practicality of the muc022 for everyday use is questionable.

    Despite its impracticalities, the muc022 showcases the importance of design, details, and aerodynamics in maximizing the range of electric vehicles. These factors are often more crucial than sheer power, as demonstrated by the success of the muc022 in breaking the record. However, it is unlikely that this exact vehicle will make its way to production or be seen on the roads anytime soon.

    – German Students Set Record-Breaking EV Range of 2,573 km on a Single Charge (Source)