Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Registration of Non-Electric Vehicles to be Closed in Chandigarh during Festive Season

    Chandigarh residents hoping to purchase a new petrol or diesel vehicle during the festive season may face disappointment. According to sources, the registration of non-electric vehicles, including bikes and cars, is expected to be closed in the city from mid-October until mid-November. This decision aligns with the Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy of the UT administration, which aims to achieve the earmarked quota of 75% EV registrations during these months.

    The UT administration had designated the fiscal year 2021-2022 as the base year to determine the cap on non-electric vehicle registrations. During that period, a total of 20,619 four-wheelers and 16,101 two-wheelers were registered. For the financial year 2023-2024, the projected number of non-EV four-wheelers to be registered is 15,465. Currently, the number stands at 11,833, leaving only 3,632 registration slots available. Based on daily registration trends, officials estimate that these slots will be filled by mid-November.

    Similarly, out of the earmarked 12,076 two-wheelers, 10,112 have already been registered, with the remaining 1,964 motorcycles and scooters expected to be registered by mid-October. While the EV policy is a step towards promoting cleaner and greener transportation, the anticipated closure of non-electric vehicle registrations for over four months raises concerns among automobile dealers. They fear that their businesses will be significantly impacted by this prolonged period without fuel vehicle sales.

    In conclusion, the UT administration in Chandigarh is set to close the registration of non-electric vehicles during the festive season to meet the targets set by the Electric Vehicle Policy. This move aims to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and reduce pollution levels in the city.

    – Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy of the UT administration