Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Portsmouth City Council Launches Parking and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategies

    The Portsmouth City Council in the UK has initiated consultations for its parking strategy and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure strategy in order to gather feedback on proposed changes. The parking strategy aims to review parking in city and district centres and encourage the use of sustainable and alternative modes of transportation. This means that some individuals will opt to leave their cars at home more frequently and will require access to nearby parking spaces. The objective is to enhance the quality of life and environment for residents while also promoting city regeneration.

    The EV infrastructure strategy seeks to improve charging infrastructure for those residing in, visiting, and working in Portsmouth. The council will assess potential locations for additional charging points, building upon the existing 100 charging points in residential areas. Publicly accessible charging points are already available in key locations such as Gunwharf, Ocean Retail Park, and the park and ride. The council also plans to convert their own vehicle fleet to electric vehicles in order to support the shift towards greener and more sustainable transportation.

    Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Cabinet member for transport, emphasizes the importance of obtaining feedback from residents, businesses, and visitors to develop a parking strategy that benefits everyone. He encourages individuals to participate in the surveys and share their opinions on parking and electric vehicles in Portsmouth. The council intends to present the results of the consultation at a transport decision meeting later in the year.

    The council previously received a £3.6m grant from the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI). The funds will be utilized to implement the proposed strategies and improve the overall sustainability and connectivity of transportation in Portsmouth.

    Residents and stakeholders are also invited to attend events where they can discuss their views and contribute to the shaping of future parking and EV policies in the city. The upcoming events are scheduled at North End Library on September 27th, Cosham Library on October 4th, and Commercial Road on October 11th.

    Sources: Portsmouth City Council