Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Porsche Boxster EV Interior: A Sneak Peek

    New spy shots of the Porsche Boxster EV reveal the interior of the electric convertible for the first time. The images show a pair of large screens facing the driver, with the instrument cluster displaying the car’s state of charge at 53% and an estimated range of 125 kilometers (78 miles). While these figures may seem intriguing, it should be noted that they are based on a prototype vehicle and may not accurately reflect real-world driving conditions.

    One interesting feature on the screens is a battery temperature readout, indicating that the Boxster EV may have a sophisticated thermal management system. Another intriguing detail is a driver-assist system light, suggesting that Porsche may offer an optional hands-free highway driving capability for the Boxster EV. This is further supported by a sensor array on the steering wheel column, which is typically associated with driver monitoring systems.

    The overall interior layout of the Boxster EV appears to be similar to other Porsche models, with a standard steering wheel featuring scroll wheels and a drive mode select knob. Porsche’s signature toggle switches and analog controls for climate settings are also present. Additionally, the center console includes both touch-haptic and analog controls, along with heated and ventilated seats.

    Despite the inclusion of modern technology, Porsche has retained some analog buttons, such as the convertible top controls and a shifter design similar to the current 911. These details add a touch of familiarity and functionality to the Boxster EV’s interior.

    Overall, the spy shots provide an exciting glimpse into the interior of the Porsche Boxster EV, showcasing a blend of modern technology and classic Porsche design elements. It’s clear that Porsche is leveraging its technology across models, as the upcoming Macan EV is also rumored to feature a hands-free driver-assist system.

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