Thu. Oct 5th, 2023
    Polestar Partners with Ohme to Provide Smart Charging Stations in Ireland

    Electric car maker, Polestar, has announced its partnership with Ohme to offer smart charging stations for its vehicles in Ireland. Ohme, a leading provider of dynamic smart charging technology, will extend its technology to all Polestar customers in the country. As part of the agreement, Polestar will recommend Ohme chargers to its customers who require an EV charging solution.

    By using an Ohme smart charger during off-peak hours, a Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor with a 78 kWh battery can cover a distance of 10,000 kilometers over a year at a cost of €216.60. In comparison, charging the vehicle on the Standard Tariff would amount to €700.15, significantly higher.

    Jonathan Goodman, the Head of Polestar UK & Ireland, expressed his delight at collaborating with Ohme as the recommended home charger supplier for Irish Polestar owners. He stated that Ohme’s innovative smart chargers and commitment to customer service align perfectly with Polestar’s core values.

    Polestar has been lauded for introducing EVs through its luxury brand. Ohme’s technology, which grants drivers more control over their EVs, is a natural fit for this collaboration. Ohme’s CEO, David Watson, is also pleased with the partnership, emphasizing the shared vision between the two companies.

    This announcement comes as Polestar continues to make strides in the EV market. The company aims to offer its customers not only high-performance electric vehicles but also a comprehensive charging solution. The partnership with Ohme allows Polestar to provide customers with cost savings and a complete EV offering.

    Source: Reuters