Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Lexus Plans to Leap into Next-Generation Electric Vehicles

    Lexus, the Japanese premium car manufacturer, is preparing for a major transformation as it enters the world of next-generation electric vehicles (EVs). Takashi Watanabe, the newly appointed president of Lexus International, has announced that Lexus will introduce a concept for its EVs next month at the Japan Mobility Show. This concept will preview the brand’s direction and will be followed by the release of a next-generation battery EV in 2026. This EV will feature a re-imagined modular structure, new production methods, and a redesigned software platform.

    This transition to EVs presents new opportunities for Lexus to enhance its brand and driving experience. The brand plans to offer an electrified option for every vehicle in its lineup by 2030, with the ultimate goal of becoming EV-only by 2035. Lexus aims to stand out in the premium vehicle market with its Lexus Driving Signature, characterized by quiet comfort and responsive steering.

    Lexus is also focusing on software development to create a personalized and luxury driving experience. The brand is exploring the idea of an all-electric stick shift technology that will appeal to enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of changing gears. Additionally, rumors suggest that Lexus will release a new generation of F-inspired all-electric performance models, including an EV sports coupe that could be a spiritual successor to the iconic LFA supercar.

    While Lexus plans to rapidly increase its EV sales, there are still challenges to address. The brand sold just under 25,000 EVs worldwide in 2022, but aims to sell 1 million EVs annually by 2030. Lexus is working on commoditizing the hardware to reduce costs and compete with established EV manufacturers like Tesla. The brand is also considering new production techniques and diversifying its lineup to appeal to regional needs.

    Overall, Lexus is taking bold steps to redefine its brand in the era of electrification. By focusing on innovative design, cutting-edge technologies, and a commitment to personalized luxury experiences, Lexus aims to differentiate itself in the competitive EV market.


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