Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Marriott International Partners with EV Connect to Implement EV Chargers Across Thousands of Hotels

    Marriott International, a renowned hotel group with over 8,500 properties worldwide, has announced a partnership with charging services provider EV Connect to deploy and manage electric vehicle (EV) chargers at thousands of hotels in the United States and Canada. The move comes in response to the growing popularity of EVs and the increasing demand for charging infrastructure in the hospitality industry.

    EV Connect, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, has been providing comprehensive EV charging solutions since 2010. The company currently serves customers in 41 states, including industry leaders such as GM, Verizon, and Hilton. Now, with its partnership with Marriott International, EV Connect will offer turnkey charging solutions to 6,000 qualifying hotels under the Marriott umbrella.

    The collaboration between Marriott and EV Connect aims to meet the evolving needs of guests who expect EV charging stations at hotel properties. Marriott International’s senior vice president of global operations, Andrew Bodziak, highlighted the importance of this partnership in meeting consumer demand and achieving sustainability goals. By providing an end-to-end turnkey service, Marriott can simplify the process of planning, installation, and maintenance of EV chargers while delivering high-quality service to guests.

    This initiative by Marriott follows a similar agreement between Hilton Hotels and Tesla, where over 20,000 Universal Wall Connectors will be deployed across Hilton properties. The partnerships between hospitality companies and EV charging providers reflect the hospitality industry’s commitment to sustainability and attracting eco-conscious travelers.

    The implementation of EV chargers across thousands of Marriott hotels will provide convenience for EV drivers, allowing them to embark on road trips without worrying about where to recharge their vehicles. The collaboration between Marriott and EV Connect signifies a significant advancement in the expansion of the EV market and has broader implications for the entire hospitality sector in promoting sustainable and carbon-neutral travel.

    Sources: Marriott International, EV Connect, Electrek