Thu. Oct 5th, 2023
    Mother and Daughter Trapped in Rental EV Due to Missing Equipment

    A mother and her teenage daughter found themselves stranded on the side of the road after renting an electric vehicle (EV) from a Hertz rental car lot. The duo had initially reserved a gas-powered sedan, but it was not available, so they were pushed into renting the EV. Little did they know that they would face a series of issues due to missing equipment.

    Becky Liebau, the mother, reluctantly rented a Tesla from Hertz after being informed that there were no other cars available. Being unfamiliar with EVs, Liebau was hesitant but decided to proceed with the rental. However, she soon discovered that the Tesla was not in the best condition. The tire pressure light was on, and the battery had only 91 miles left.

    Despite these issues, the mother and daughter embarked on their journey, hoping for a smooth ride. However, as they accumulated mileage, Liebau realized that she did not have the necessary adapter to charge the Tesla. Eventually, the car completely ran out of charge, leaving them stranded.

    Desperate for help, Liebau called Hertz’s roadside assistance line, but no one came to their aid. She then contacted an independent towing company but faced another problem – they were unable to exit the locked vehicle. Eventually, the tow truck driver helped them escape from the car.

    After the ordeal, Liebau received monthly invoices from Hertz, amounting to thousands of dollars. Refusing to pay, she also received a letter stating that she was no longer allowed to rent from the company. Hertz explained that the missing adapter is often targeted by thieves due to its cost. In response, they expressed regret for Liebau’s experience and refunded all charges while reimbursing her for related travel expenses.

    As the transition to electric vehicles continues, Hertz emphasized their commitment to customer support. They offer online resources and digital content to assist first-time EV renters. Liebau’s unfortunate experience serves as a reminder of the importance of proper equipment and assistance when renting EVs.


    – “Mother and daughter trapped in rental Tesla after Hertz left them without charging equipment” – CBS Chicago