Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    EV Owner Almost Stranded on Motorway Due to Unexpected Battery Drain

    A frustrated EV owner recently shared his experience of nearly getting stranded on the motorway when his electric Porsche Taycan unexpectedly lost charge while parked. The owner, known as The MacMaster on YouTube, had to travel from Heathrow Airport to Mansfield with only 44% battery remaining to cover the 146-mile journey. However, he discovered that his vehicle had lost charge during the two to three weeks it was parked in a long-stay car park.

    The owner speculated that the car had lost charge due to the various security systems on the vehicle. He was forced to stop and charge his car during his journey home, expressing his frustration at the lack of infrastructure and reliability of electric cars. He compared the experience to what would have been a seamless journey with a diesel or petrol vehicle.

    This incident is not an isolated case, as many EV owners have faced frustrating issues with their electric vehicles. For example, a car expert from Carwow, Matt Watson, had a negative experience with a new EV, the Jeep Avenger. Watson listed several problems he encountered while driving the vehicle, including indicators making an unpleasant sound and comparing it to a “rubbish” synthesizer from the 1980s.

    These incidents highlight the need for further development of EV infrastructure and addressing the reliability concerns of EV owners. While the technology continues to improve, ensuring charging stations are widely available and addressing potential battery drain issues when vehicles are parked for extended periods will be critical in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

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