Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    The French government tightens criteria for electric vehicle subsidies, excluding Chinese-made cars

    The French government has introduced new legislation aimed at redefining the criteria for its electric vehicle subsidies, specifically to exclude Chinese-made cars. Currently, buyers of electric vehicles in France are eligible for a cash incentive of up to 5,000 euros ($5,360). However, the government is now narrowing down the eligibility criteria for the “green bonus” subsidy.

    The government plans to publish details later this week about the method for calculating an environmental score, which will indirectly limit the importation of Chinese cars under the government’s “Green Industry” plan. By redefining the subsidy criteria, the French government aims to promote the domestic electric vehicle industry while also ensuring that imported vehicles meet certain environmental standards.

    While the details of the new legislation are yet to be revealed, it is likely that stricter emission standards, energy efficiency ratings, and other environmental factors will be considered when calculating the environmental score. By doing so, the government hopes to incentivize the purchase of electric vehicles that are manufactured within the country or from other countries that meet the necessary environmental criteria.

    This move by the French government reflects a growing trend of countries implementing measures to protect their domestic industries and promote sustainability. By excluding Chinese-made cars from receiving electric vehicle subsidies, France aims to boost its own electric vehicle manufacturing sector and ensure that vehicles on the market are environmentally friendly.

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