Thu. Oct 5th, 2023
    The Fiat 600e: A Non-Binary Supermini-Crossover

    The Fiat 600e is a unique car that defies categorization. It could be considered a supermini or a small crossover, depending on how you look at it. Its design is inspired by the Fiat 500 electric, with similar height and styling elements. However, the 600e has a crossover job to do and is less crossovery than its predecessor, the Fiat 500X.

    Fiat offers the 600e in a full-electric version, but there is also a cheaper hybrid option coming soon. This decision was made to cater to the 80% of people who still prefer cars with combustion engines. Competition for the 600e comes primarily from other Stellantis brands such as Vauxhall, Jeep, Peugeot, and Citro├źn, as well as the MG and BYD.

    Visually, the 600e shares many similarities with the Fiat 500, including the lights, facial expression, and upholstery patterns. However, it has a more basic design, sacrificing some of the curvaceousness of the 500 to maximize interior space. Despite its compact size, the 600e offers a roomy interior and a decent-sized boot.

    Underneath, the Fiat 600e is not simply a stretched version of the 500 electric. It uses a proven platform that has won Car of the Year twice, with the Peugeot 208 and Jeep Avenger both receiving the accolade. This platform ensures reliability and sturdiness, which Fiat has not always been known for.

    The electric version of the Fiat 600e boasts a 156bhp motor and a 51kWh net battery, providing a real-world range of nearly 220 miles. The car is set up to prioritize comfort over sportiness, with a quiet and smooth acceleration. However, the steering and brakes have drawn criticism for their lack of responsiveness.

    For those concerned about charging infrastructure and looking to keep monthly payments low, Fiat will also offer a hybrid version of the 600e. This hybrid system features a 100bhp three-cylinder engine and a mild hybrid setup with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission. The CO2 emissions are estimated to be around 110g/km.

    Overall, the Fiat 600e is a practical and competitively priced option in the supermini-crossover segment. However, it lacks the standout design and driving dynamics of some of its competitors. Fiat may need to make more effort to compete with the more interesting and engaging small EVs on the market.

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