Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Dodge Hornet: A Compact SUV with Limited Cargo Space

    The Dodge Hornet is positioned and marketed as a compact SUV, although its dimensions may suggest otherwise. In terms of length, it is shorter than the Mazda CX-5 and Honda CR-V, making it more comparable to a large subcompact like the Honda HR-V.

    When it comes to interior space, the Hornet falls short in comparison to its compact SUV competitors. Rear seat legroom is limited, and cargo space is also constrained. The amount of cargo space varies depending on the model, with the turbocharged GT offering 27 cubic-feet and the R/T plug-in hybrid providing 22.9 cubic-feet. The difference in cargo space may be attributed to the inclusion of underfloor storage.

    In this test, we will focus on the R/T model to see how much cargo it can accommodate and how it stacks up against other small SUVs. The Hornet’s cargo area resembles that of a hatchback, complete with a rigid cargo cover. For testing purposes, both with and without the cover were evaluated.

    The luggage test includes two midsize roller suitcases, two roll-aboard suitcases, and a smaller roll-aboard suitcase, along with an additional overnight bag. When the cover is in place, the cargo area lacks sufficient height to stack the bags. Even with the cover removed, the best configuration only allows for the four largest bags and leaves limited space for anything else.

    This result is unfavorable compared to other compact SUVs, most of which can accommodate all the tested bags and even have room for additional items. Additionally, it fares worse than most subcompact SUVs, excluding the Hyundai Venue. When considering the mechanically related Jeep Compass, a similar limitation is expected.

    The Hornet R/T’s underfloor storage offers some utility, although it is not particularly significant in this model. However, another noteworthy feature is the floor itself. It is designed with a unique mechanism that allows it to depress into the cargo wall and then pop back out to rest on its flat upper portion. Although not particularly useful in the R/T model, this innovative concept deserves recognition.

    In conclusion, the Dodge Hornet, marketed as a compact SUV, falls short in terms of cargo space compared to both compact and subcompact SUV competitors. The limited interior dimensions make it less practical for those needing ample storage capacity. The underfloor storage and innovative floor design in the R/T model offer some additional utility, but it may not be enough to overcome the inherent limitations of the Hornet’s cargo space.

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