Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    The Mini eMastered: A New Approach to Electric Vehicles

    In the world of electric vehicles, it’s easy to feel like you’re hearing the same criticisms repeated over and over again. Too big, too heavy, too hypocritical. But the Mini eMastered from DBA is looking to break the mold. This small and light electric vehicle is challenging the status quo with its unique features.

    DBA, known for its Mini restomods, has taken a similar approach with the eMastered. This electric vehicle is a complete rejuvenation of the original Mini, blending British handcraftsmanship with a retro design and effortless electric propulsion. Despite its small battery size of 18.8kWh and modest power output of 97hp and 129lb ft, this electrified Mini weighs the same as the original, making it surprisingly quick off the line.

    One disadvantage of this approach is the limited range of 110 miles, which may pose challenges for longer journeys. Additionally, the eMastered does not support fast charging, relying instead on AC charging which takes around three hours to fully charge from a home wallbox. However, these trade-offs are outweighed by the benefits of a lightweight and stylish electric vehicle.

    The eMastered is not lacking in customization options either. Buyers can personalize every aspect of the car, including sustainable material choices for those who prefer alternatives to leather. The car comes standard with modern, smartphone-compatible infotainment, making it an ideal commuter vehicle.

    While specific details about the eMastered are still limited, the first model will be revealed later this year. Pricing is expected to be similar to DBA’s previous models, which were priced at £93,000. However, customization options could drive the price higher.

    The Mini eMastered is a refreshing take on electric vehicles, showcasing that small and light can still be powerful. With its retro design and customizable features, it offers a clean, quiet, and convenient driving experience for those seeking a modern classic.

    – EV: Electric Vehicle
    – WLTP: Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure
    – DC: Direct Current
    – AC: Alternating Current

    – Article: Carfection – The Mini eMastered: What We Know