Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Elevating Connectivity Solutions for Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

    Automobile manufacturers are continuously seeking advanced connectivity solutions to meet the demands of the latest generation of autonomous and connected vehicles. TE Connectivity, a global leader in connectors and sensors, and AVIVA Links Inc., an automotive connectivity company, have collaborated to develop one of the first long-reach Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA) solutions, catering to ultra-high resolution sensors and displays in autonomous and connected vehicles.

    The collaboration between TE and AVIVA has resulted in an ASA-based connectivity solution capable of supporting data rates up to 16 Gbps per lane over a distance exceeding 10 meters of STP cable and 15 meters of coaxial cable. This solution enables real-time transmission of high bandwidth video and data for cameras, sensors, lidar, and radar systems essential for autonomous technology.

    Vehicle owners now demand a personalized user experience that integrates their digital life, advanced safety features, and connected vehicle services that interact intelligently with the environment. To meet these expectations, vehicles will feature an increasing amount of advanced technology, including sensors, cameras, actuators, antennas, and high-performance computing units. High-performance data connectivity will be a crucial enabler for these hardware advancements.

    The collaboration between AVIVA Links and TE utilizes AVIVA’s Quad Port device, which is the industry’s first ASA-based chipset delivering an aggregate throughput of approximately 64 Gbps. Additionally, TE’s coaxial MATE-AX connector portfolio complements the solution, providing smart, integrated, and multi-hybrid connector and cable assemblies with increased FIT rates and support for efficient automated assembly. The solution can support both Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) and coaxial cables.

    As the automotive industry transitions to autonomous and connected vehicles with software-defined business models, the need for secure, standards-based solutions becomes critical to advance the modern automobile architecture. These solutions not only deliver innovative and intelligent capabilities but also surpass the performance, power, solution size, and cost metrics of traditional solutions currently in use.

    For more information on this innovative solution, visit for details on AVIVA’s connectivity offerings and for TE’s sensor solutions.

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