Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    UAW President Urges Workers to Reject Trump’s Overtures Ahead of Visit to Detroit

    UAW President Shawn Fain has made a statement urging workers to reject former President Donald Trump’s attempts to connect with them during their ongoing strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. Trump is planning a visit to Detroit next week to address some 500 workers, including current and former union members. Fain argues that Trump, as a billionaire, does not understand the struggles of the working class and cannot solve their problems.

    Trump has been critical of UAW leaders during the strike, particularly in relation to the transition to making more electric vehicles (EVs). He claims that the shift will result in fewer jobs as EVs will be manufactured in China instead of the U.S. However, many plants are being opened with support from the Biden administration, challenging this assertion. The labor union’s demands in the strike include wage increases, the elimination of a tiered salary system, and greater benefits and job security.

    Michigan could be a crucial state for Trump’s chances in the next election, as he won there in 2016. However, Fain has expressed his dissatisfaction with Trump’s presidency, citing his previous comments about moving auto jobs to states with lower wages. On the other hand, the UAW has not yet endorsed President Joe Biden for reelection, stating that he needs to earn their support. While Biden has expressed support for the union, he also advocates for the transition to EVs, which the UAW is cautious about due to potential job losses.

    Biden’s campaign spokesperson criticized Trump’s upcoming visit to Michigan, accusing him of lying to workers and highlighting the unequal impact of the tax cuts signed during his presidency. While Trump’s trade policies were intended to protect manufacturing jobs, there were conflicting claims about their effectiveness. The UAW strike continues, and Biden’s team has offered assistance without directly interfering in negotiations.

    – Detroit Free Press
    – MSNBC Public Relations