Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    New Owner of Tata Nexon EV Shares Driving Experience and Tips

    In a recent forum post, BHPian KingAlec, a new owner of the Tata Nexon EV Prime XZ+ Dark Edition, shared some of his driving experiences and tips for optimizing the range and performance of the electric vehicle.

    One of the highlights mentioned by KingAlec is the fantastic pick-up of the car, even in Drive mode. However, it is in Sports mode that the acceleration truly stands out, making the driver feel like they are sitting in a speeding metro.

    KingAlec also discussed the estimated range to empty calculator, noting that it is hard coded to favor regeneration level 3, which might lead to inaccurate range readings. To experiment, KingAlec switched to regeneration level 1 and found that despite showing a lower estimated range, the car achieved a power usage of 125 Wh/km, resulting in a longer actual range. By using the air conditioning intermittently and driving conservatively, KingAlec was able to extract about 250 kilometers out of a full charge with around 8-9% state of charge (SOC) remaining.

    The poster emphasized that these experiences may vary for different drivers, and it is important to experiment with regeneration levels to optimize fuel efficiency.

    Moving on to other aspects of the Tata Nexon EV, KingAlec mentioned the poor quality of the headlights compared to their previous car with bright white LED headlights. Seeking advice from experienced members, the poster inquired about the cost and warranty implications of upgrading to LED headlights and requested recommendations for a reliable service provider in the Delhi NCR region.

    Addressing concerns about fast charging, KingAlec expressed fears about potential battery management system (BMS) issues associated with fast charging. Seeking advice from experienced Nexon EV owners, the poster questioned the reliability of different fast charging options and asked for recommendations on identifying good fast chargers.

    In conclusion, KingAlec shared that they have named their Nexon EV “DARKTANK” and are considering getting custom bonnet badging done in matte black. However, they are still waiting for a response from Carmatic regarding this customization.

    For more insights and information on the Tata Nexon EV, interested readers can visit the BHPian comments section.

    – Forum post by BHPian KingAlec on Team-BHP forum